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Web Design

The first, often overlooked, step to having an effective website is the design and functionality of your site. Your site is the visual representation of your company. So, that is where we start with our clients. What does your company look and feel like? Are you classy or sassy? Casual or formal? Retail or professional? If you don’t have a brand or logo, a website is a good place to start establishing colors, fonts, a logo, a good tagline, and some solid content. Clients don’t stay on websites that don’t look trustworthy. So, we are here to make your site look a reputable representation of your business.

Web Development

Next, we build a site. We are careful to make sure that we follow the sage advice of Matt Cutts, who is the Google liaison for webmasters. Lately, Google is telling us to build sites that are responsive to different screen sizes and that they should load quickly. That is why we recommend ultra-fast WordPress hosting for our clients running content management systems.

Web Development is an important element in any marketing strategy. Smaller companies need an effective marketing strategy at a reasonable cost. Pop X Graphics is your web development expert. Specializing in WordPress, we have over eight years of experience creating, updating, renovating and maintaining websites for small businesses in the greater San Diego area. We specialize in small businesses and licensed professionals, providing top quality services at an affordable cost.

Looking for someone to create and maintain your small eCommerce business site (less than 200 products)? Look no further. Pop X Graphics has the tools, talent, and experience to make you look good at a reasonable price. If you need a bigger eCommerce site, we have a good referral.

While most web developers spend little or no time with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pop X Graphics specializes in both SEO and SEM, and we provide this service to all our customers. Is your site optimized for mobile device searches? The latest survey results show that both tablet and smartphone web searches have doubled in the past year. Contact us today, and get ranked in local searches.