San Diego Writer Adrienne MochWhether you’ve engaged a designer to create a website or any other marketing collateral, hiring a professional writer to assist with content is a good idea. Why? Here are five reasons:

  1. You know how to write — but that doesn’t make you a writer. While you’re certainly an expert in what your company does, do you have any experience communicating its features, benefits, etc.? Professional writers specialize in creating compelling copy.
  2. You lack objectivity. It’s not a bad thing to be enthusiastic about your product or service, but are you able to temper your “cheerleading” to produce copy that is professional in tone? Professional writers have the ability to “bottle” your enthusiasm so it hits the mark with your audience.
  3. You aren’t a strong writer. That might have mattered in high school, where you couldn’t offload your writing assignments to someone else, but outsourcing is an accepted practice in the business world. Professional writers can eliminate the pain of struggling through the writing process.
  4. You don’t have the time. While you know it’s important to have a website (or keep the copy updated), get out your newsletter, or prepare other marketing materials, you may simply have too much client-specific work on your plate to attend to creative tasks. Professional writers will make your project their priority.
  5. You can afford it. Content development is a critical part of any design project, but it costs a fraction of what you’ll pay a good designer. And, if you choose to have a professional edit rather than write your copy, your fee will be even less. Professional writers are well worth the small investment you’ll make it their services.

Two last thoughts:

Image of a vintage typewriter

  • The best designs will fall flat if the copy within them isn’t compelling or contains embarrassing typos or grammar errors. The professional writer you hire will make sure that never happens to you.
  • Graphic designers are great at design, but they’re usually not equipped to write or edit copy — and they don’t want to.