Search Engine Optimization — aka SEO

image of a magnifying glass representing SEO

Why You Need SEO and SEM

Your website design affects the impact your website has on it’s visitors. SEO and SEM affect the amount of traffic your website generates, and whether or not you are attracting your ideal customer. You need good design as well as strong SEO and SEM to have a successful website.

The world wide web is used by millions of people daily. If your website isn’t coming up in searches related to your business, you are missing the opportunity to connect with possible customers, which translates to lost revenue. Without a good SEO/SEM strategy, your website will be lost among the millions of other sites out there.

SEO/SEM Analysis

It’s surprising how many existing websites there are with little or no SEO/SEM. If we are working with an existing site, the first step is a thorough analysis. Pop X Design will review your site, its traffic ranking, keyword, and link-building usage. We will compare this to your competition, and make recommendations based on our findings.

If Pop X Graphics is building a new website for you, Search Engine Optimization is included automatically. You will find that few web developers give SEO or SEM more than a cursory nod. This can prove fatal to their unknowing clients – a fabulous looking website with no traffic. Here at Pop X, we have built our reputation around excellent SEO/SEM strategies.

Results from Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing will take time. But as your website ranking slowly climbs above that of your competition and traffic to your site steadily improves, you will see the effect as your revenues increase. SEO and SEM are relatively new strategies and are constantly evolving. SEO and SEM are the best long-term marketing investment you can make for your business. Pop X Graphics offers a monthly SEO/SEM analysis and update to help your website stay competitive.