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We build and maintain WordPress websites all day every day.

WordPress Isn’t Just for Bloggers Anymore. WordPress is fast becoming the obvious website platform choice for small businesses and bloggers. Some small business choose WordPress as the platform for their website because it is a Content Management System (CMS) that administrative staff can learn to use to update website content using basic computer skills. (Many of our clients, however, choose to have us update the content on their website.)

Why WordPress instead of Joomla or Drupal for Your Website?

According to Web Technology Surveys, WordPress accounts for 59.4% of Content Management Systems in use as of this writing (November 2018). Joomla is second with 5.6%, and Drupal is third at 3.6%. This means:

  • WordPress developers are easy to find.
  • The WordPress interface is becoming a basic administrative tool. Computer-savvy employees will be able to edit your site and do some basic maintenance so you don’t have to pay a developer for the easy stuff.
  • WordPress has a very wide variety of third-party applications (plugins) that make it easy to expand the functionality of your site to do things like e-commerce, calculators and calendar functionality.

Drawbacks to WordPress?

Sure, there are a few drawbacks:

  • Your WordPress database will live in the cloud at your hosting company, and every time a user goes to a page on your site, their computer has to communicate with the database. Some hosting services are quite slow. Some Internet connections are slow. So, that’s why we suggest selecting a very fast hosting environment. Our go-to hosting company here at Pop X Graphics is SiteGround. Though we haven’t used site5 and DreamHost, they have been receiving good reviews.
  • WordPress must be maintained regularly by your website developer. WordPress sites that are ignored eventually break and are prone to hacker attacks and security problems. WordPress comes out with regular updates to ensure the security of your site, and your developer needs to back your site up prior to running the update. Sites that are built simply with html and css don’t have the same risks because there is no database to hack.

We use fully customizable templates that make your WordPress web design match your existing branding. Our sites are responsive to various screen sizes and render on mobile devices for ease of use in all situations.

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